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Frequently Asked questions

Why another Coalition?

Coalitions are built around issues of common interest to like-minded. They cannot be too many where such issues exist.

Why not strengthen existing coalitions with similar objectives?

If such objectives are not principal in the agenda of existing coalition a gap will be manifest in concept, context, content, approach, strategy and tactics of struggle that must be filled.

Why isolating one amongst so many known corrupt leaders?

There is the need to start to tackle this kind of problems with the principle of one .step at a time and from the great to little so that none will assume there is a sacred cow somewhere.

Is this not a self-seeking way of attracting attention to the convener?

The present convener has put in more than two decades as co-founder, officer, prominent member and motivator of several of the existing organisations; if he had not been opportunistic all the while he is not likely to start now.

How do you intend to make a difference in your approach?

Every member will be encouraged to be active participant in the coalition activities such as picketing; writing separate letters to relevant law enforcement agencies; those that culprits deal with like their communities, religious groups, banks, establishments etc; graffiti of various kinds etc they will carry different relevant and suitable messages against corrupt leaders whether suspected like Olusegun Obasanjo, Atiku Abubakar and Patricia Etteh, indicted like Alao Akala, Iyabo Obasanjo, Sunday Ehindero and Anthony Chukweke ex-Director of DPR and convicted like Tafa Balogun and Diprieye Alaiyemiseigha ;

Why limiting your activities to Lagos when the whole country is your constituency?

Our present capacity in men and material cannot cover more than our activities in Lagos for now. We intend to encourage people from other parts of the country to pick up the challenge of setting up CACOL structures in their locations to help spread the message. However we shall have no apology if our capacity to make maximum impact resides in Lagos being the commercial nerve centre and main entreport to Nigeria.

What criterion informs the choice of corrupt leaders you take on?

The Nigerian public decides which of the leaders to take on. We prioritize them by the amount of complaints, the extent of damage done and materials available to us on them.

The inaugural meeting of the coalition held on 14″‘ August 2007 where member organisations endorsed the worthwhileness of the effort and resolve that a wider consultation be made to enlist support and participation of like-minded people and organisations


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